GoodScan 3D

GoodScan 3D allows you to scan objects and environments in real-time.
Packed with tools to touch up your scan. Share your scans to the world.

All in one LiDAR scanner

Goodscan 3D comes with all the functions you need to capture, edit and share your scan data.  Just open up the app and start scanning similar to how you would shoot a picture or record a video.

Fast & Easy

Scan a two-storey house in 5 minutes.  Capture your space to plan the interior design.  Track the construction progress.  

Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 3 March 2022

The GoodScan3D application, distributed on the Mac App Sotre, does not collect or store user data of any kind.

If you have any questions and feedbacks please contact us via email at

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